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Chardonnay & Pinot Noir Review


Church mice, starlings, and robins fill B.C.'s bottles

I can't tell you much about Robin Ridge, apart from the fact that the winery is headquartered in Keremeos and sources some of that sensational Similkameen fruit, which puts it squarely in the middle of B.C.'s currently most fascinating wine region. The venture of Tim and Caroline Cottrill, the winery is so new it only received its B.C. LDB control numbers a few months ago. Smart people, these Cottrills, for working closely with Lawrence Herder, one of the area's major players.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir came out the chute first; the Chardonnay is very good, but the Pinot is brilliant. The 2006 Chardonnay is finished under screw cap, costs $18.90, and shows an unusual Crenshaw melon aroma at first that culminates in a slightly nutty, dry-sherry aftertaste. The flavour profile also has some of that sweet grapefruit edge, so it's luscious and rich in the mouth. It's one of the more unusual B.C. Chardonnays you'll taste in this or any vintage.

Finally, the 2006 Pinot Noir ($21.90) is rich and hale, fuller and fruitier than many out of the Okanagan, nestling right into what is becoming a definite Similkameen Pinot Noir style. It's surprisingly intense, with lots of small-cherry flavours, easy tannins, excellent acid, and an eternal hallelujah finish. Here's a sure hit, a remarkable red that takes its place instantly among the top B.C. Pinot Noirs. If they could only fix the fiendishly difficult screw cap so you wouldn't need a knife and pliers to get the bottle open, it'd be perfect.